School Program

To give environmental education more visibility, EcoPeace is leading a school program that focuses on curriculum and lesson plan development and teachers’ training. The aim of this program is to train teachers to educate youth about the interdependent nature of water resources and environmental impact and the need for cooperation to solve national and cross-border water and environmental issues.

The curriculum was prepared building on the general topics existing in the curricula, to empower Palestinian youth and teach them how to apply these concepts in the local, economic and geopolitical environment. 

In parallel to the school programs, Eco Palestine will focus on a select group of youth with the most potential to serve as impact multipliers and the highest commitment to implement Eco Palestine's vision in tangible ways.   Eco Palestine is working on creating a continuous multi-layered “growth” track that can keep youth in its programs engaged into young adulthood and equip them with skills that can serve our vision, while at the same time providing tangible value to the participants in helping them enter the job market and become effective agents of change and regional cooperation.

The program combines a bottom-up approach of development in education and capacity building, with a top-down advocacy approach of financial and political resources to create the synergies for cooperation, to contribute to planning and building the institutional structures and regional governance needed to mitigating and adapting climate change and the water, energy & food security risks. 

Neighbor path tours are also organized for youth to visit different water and to expose participants to the national and regional water realities.