Sustainable Investment  Day

During the Sustainable Investment Day held by EcoPalestine in Ramallah on Wednesday June 29, 2022, five development projects were presented that included projects related to palm leaf reuse, beekeeping, agricultural plastic manufacturing, establishing an environmental park, in addition to a social aggregation hub to help farmers and provide services to them.

In her opening remarks, EcoPalestine Director, Nada Majdalni said, "In the post four years we have developed the investment track focusing on working together with the private sector and the investment community. In the past year, we have done a mapping study where we have identified several projects on the ground in the Jordan Valley. A few of these projects we have prioritized based on some criteria, and we’ve picked up some five projects so far, where we have developed a feasibility study for them, some are complete startups, some are existing projects that require expansion."

The Day was attended by investors and donors, including the Palestinian Businessmen Association, GIZ, CIDA, JICA,, EU and others. Donors and incvestors showed positive reactions to the projects presented during the meeting, where follow-up meetings were requested. 

EcoPalestine is committed to the sustainable development of the regional Jordan Valley, which provides a unique opportunity for the private sector. Entrepreneurs from the region are collaborating with us to identify profitable business opportunities that also have a potential for significant positive impact on livelihoods in the Jordan Valley region.