The Israeli Planning Committee is moving forward with the development of a 1300 megawatt power plant, operated mostly by gas and partly on diesel. The power plant is proposed to be built within Israel proper, but some 150 meters from the edges of the Palestinian town of Qalqilya, which consequently will severely impact the quality of life of the town’s residents. A preliminary investigation by EcoPeace indicates a potential impact on the shared underground water resources and a violation of Article 12 of the Oslo Accords, which requires both sides to report and seek the opinion of the other side on large scale projects with potential transboundary effects. So far, EcoPeace has mobilized the communities of Kfar Saba, Jaljlia, Hod haSharon and South Sharon regional council on the Israeli side, and Qalqilia and Habla on the Palestinian side to file letters of complaint to Israeli authorities. These objections have thus far been refused. Similarly, letters have been sent to the Global CEO of Siemens, as this company is one of the two implementing partners of the project.